Assange accuses CIA of “devastating incompetence”

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Thursday accused the CIA of “devastating incompetence” for having stored sensitive information in a single “place”, after the revelations made Tuesday by his organization.
“It is a devastating act of incompetence to have created such an arsenal and to have kept it in the same place,” Assange said at a press conference broadcast by video from the Embassy of Ecuador In London, where he has been a refugee since 2012.
Julian Assange said that WikiLeaks was going to “work” with the manufacturers of electronic devices, after its revelations on a program of piracy of the CIA allowing for example to transform a TV or a smartphone into listening device.
“We have decided to work with them to give them exclusive access to additional technical details we have so that corrections can be made,” said Mr. Assange.
Documents published by the site show that the intelligence agency has developed more than a thousand malicious programs, viruses, trojan horse and other software.
These programs have targeted iPhone, systems running Android (Google) – which would still be used by Donald Trump, the popular Microsoft or even connected TVs from Samsung, to turn them into listening devices without the knowledge Of their user, says WikiLeaks.
“It’s impossible to keep control of weapons of cyber espionage … If you build them, you will eventually lose them,” said Assange, adding that WikiLeaks had “much more information” about the methods of CIA.

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