Assistant Rat made a deal with the investigation and confessed to the torture of protesters in January-February 2014

Помощник Крысина заключил сделку со следствием и признался в пытках майдановцев в январе-феврале 2014 года

The accused Sergey Chemes made a deal with the investigation and pleaded guilty on all counts that he was charged with, including kidnapping and torture of protesters in January-February 2014. About it reports “Gromadske”.

“We are talking about complicity in kidnapping, torture of protesters, preventing the peaceful Assembly and disorderly conduct. The chemes faced up to 10 years of imprisonment”, – the newspaper notes.

Sergei Chemes was sentenced to 3 years and 3 months imprisonment.

He will read the period spent by him in the temporary detention facility. In addition, it will spread the so-called law Savchenko (year two). Therefore, Chemes will serve detention for about two months.

The Prosecutor said that the man immediately after the arrest, actively cooperated with the investigation, gave damning testimony against other defendants in the case.

In particular, his testimony became important for establishing guilt Rat, Serov, Cherednik and Khachaturian.

In addition, the Prosecutor noted that the Chemes “did not directly commit violent acts against Ivanenko and did not use weapons against Veremiya, and held it until he ran the other “aunts”.

Chemes has not been previously convicted and has three dependent minor children.

The agreement requires him to cooperate with the investigation and to give incriminating testimony.

During the meeting, to the Chemes approached the victims — Svetlana Short and Catherine Veremey and asked him “to realize the severity of the crime, not to act and to cooperate with the investigation”.

According to the investigation, Sergey Chemes worked in a security firm Yuri Rat “Fifth region.”

Now Krysin is the only accused in the case.

Note, Krysin is accused of attack on journalist of the newspaper “Vesti” Vyacheslav Veremiya. He was accused of organization of the group that attacked the car of the journalist and beat the man bits. Also still not established who the attackers struck the journalist with a gunshot wound to the abdomen which was fatal.

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