Association Rabinowitz and Medvedchuk will give a powerful synergetic effect.

Объединение Рабиновича и Медведчука даст мощный эффект синергии, - эксперт

“Association of Rabinovich and Medvedchuk can really give a powerful synergy effect. And the reason is, it is just the reputation of the latter as a man who has close ties with the Kremlin,” – said the journalist Serhiy Burlachenko newspaper “2000”.

According to observers, Vadim Rabinovich knowingly and quite logically suggested Medvedchuk direction to restore peace in the South-East of Ukraine and the restoration of relations with the CIS countries.

The leader of the “For life”, according to Burlachenko, in General, is perceived as a spoiler and one of the options “the candidate against all”. And Viktor Medvedchuk, despite the big name and a decent track record, yet none of the presidential ratings did not appear.

“Knowingly and completely logical Vadim Rabinovich “offered” him the direction to restore peace in the South-East of Ukraine and the restoration of relations with the CIS countries. It is this reputation Medvedchuk is able to attract “anti-Maidan” electorate, which wants the new government. And at the same time to release the Rabinowitz, “developing,” that’s what the electoral field, from suspicion that he de-“mishandled Cossack” Bank. However, if “integration” processes in the “anti-Maidan” wing will not go further, with the advent of tandem Rabinovich—Medvedchuk the chances of the candidate from “opposition bloc” (most likely Yuri Boyko) on the way to the second round are greatly reduced”, — predicts analyst.

This, according to Burlachenko does not mean that decided to bet on other political forces.

“Unlike many of my colleagues, I do not see the situation in black-and-white projection, where, say, Viktor Medvedchuk almost any step needs policy to negotiate with the Russian leadership. Medvedchuk has a trust relationship with the Russian leader, but it is without a doubt, quite independent, national-minded (as evidenced by his active participation in the organization of the exchange of prisoners between Kiev and Donbas) and influential politician”, — he stressed.

In this situation, when from Moscow indicate Medvedchuk, with whom “friends” with and who not to submit it is absolutely impossible, said the journalist.

“Rather there listen to the opinion of Medvedchuk as to who among the Ukrainian politicians to deal with. And his “love affair” with Vadim Rabinovich does not look sensation because back in November of last year, close to Viktor Medvedchuk Nestor Shufrych moved from the “opposition bloc” in “For life”.

And it was not a reshuffle, and probing the field to engage him a key figure”, — summed up Sergey Burlachenko.

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