Astrologers called the Zodiac signs that go to your goal on the head

Астрологи назвали знаки Зодиака, которые идут к своей цели по головам

The destiny of man, according to astrologers, not only affects the set of genes and nature, but also the position of the stars at birth. The influence of the planets affects the ability to achieve goals. Understand what the signs of the Zodiac go through life winners, writes Know.

Aries — a favorite of fortune

Aries is not only the first sign of the Zodiac, he also always tries to be first in my life. The life of Owen living on the edge, at the limit. Aries is incredibly purposeful, they are ready to go on heads and not stop before anything.

Aries is richly endowed with boundless energy and overflowing.

Among the famous athletes born under the sign of Aries: Wladimir Klitschko, Pavel Bure, Tatiana Navka, Garry Kasparov.

Leo is the Royal winner

The lions came into this world to win, and they do it. They are solid and enduring, are born leaders.

Leo goes through life with impressively and confidently, not paying attention to competitors. He sees the goal, ignoring obstacles. They control all the areas they are seeking success in their careers and in public life.

Among lions: commander Napoleon, the legislators of fashion — Yves Saint Laurent and Coco Chanel, musicians — Igor Krutoy and Louis Armstrong, financiers George Soros and Edmond Rothschild.

The Scorpion is a ruthless winner

Of all the signs Scorpio is the most ruthless and passionate. His rule of life: “All or nothing”. Scorpio gets the pleasure of Preodolenie obstacles, therefore he is a true leader.

Scorpio is endowed with endurance, which helps him to survive occasional defeats, and to rise like the legendary Phoenix Setbacks temper of the owner of this sign, will give to new victories.

Famous Scorpios: Bill Gates, Alain Delon, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Theodore Roosevelt.

Capricorn — hard-working winner

The Capricorn is able to achieve amazing victories, both in business and in personal life. He never stops, not shifting, not holding back their impulses. Strives to rise higher until you reach the top. The victory of Capricorn are forged in the crucible of incredible hard work, backed by a strong will, indomitable temper.

Famous Capricorns-winners: Aristotle Onassis, Marlene Dietrich, Muhammad Ali.

Sagittarius — lucky winner

Sagittarians belong to the category of people about whom we say they were born in the shirt.

Even failure they perceive inherent in their sign of optimism. Once you get a taste of victory, Sagittarius will seek again to enjoy the triumph.

Famous Sagittarians: Alexander Suvorov, Walt Disney, Gianni Versace.