Astronomers have discovered a unique interstellar asteroid

Астрономы открыли уникальный межзвездный астероид

Astronomers from the project PAN-STARRS discovered the second in the history of the interstellar object that gets closer to the Sun at the minimum distance in September 2019, flying between the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn. This was announced by the famous astronomer Ron Baalke.

“It is possible that this celestial body is not real interstellar asteroid – it could be in a similar orbit due to gravitational interactions with Jupiter. On the other hand, these interactions, if they occurred, likely turned it into an interstellar object that will leave the Solar system in the near future”, — commented on the opening of Megan Swam (Megan Schwamb), a planetary scientist from the Gemini Observatory in Hawaii (USA).

In mid-October last year, an automated telescope Pan-STARRS1 discovered the first “interstellar” on a celestial body. This object is called “comet” and given a temporary name C/U1 2017. Behind him began to follow dozens of ground-based and orbiting telescopes.

Before the comet left earth space, scientists have made many pictures. Also managed to study its physical properties. The latter pointed to the fact that the object is more of an asteroid than a comet. It was renamed 1I/U1 2017 and later was given the name Omwamwi that the language of the indigenous inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands means “scout”.