Astrophysicist from Russia discovered exoplanet in the constellation, Big dipper

Researcher, astronomical Observatory of Irkutsk University Kirill Ivanov discovered exoplanets. Astrophysicist from Russia presented a KPS-1b in the constellation, Big dipper.

A scientist from Russia, worked in a team of foreign researchers. The correctness of the calculations and the validity of the hypothesis allowed the specialist first to find and open a hot exoplanet in the constellation “the Big dipper. This became known yesterday. A new celestial body was named KPS-1b.

Scientist Kirill Ivanov announced the opening of the colleagues from Russia. To support astrophysics, today around 13:00 in Irkutsk will host a conference on the theme: “the discovery of the planet near the star in the constellation Big dipper with the participation of Russian astronomers”. The event will discuss the prospects and the development of astronomy in Russia.