Astrophysics: Close to the Ground is a miniature portal to another world


Astrophysicists have established that the Earth has the ability to bend space near-by, holding two layers of spatio-temporal continuum. It is not excluded that in close proximity to our planet is a tiny portal to another world.

Einstein’s theory has long assumed the likelihood of contortion of space the large celestial bodies: black holes, planets and stars. Recent discoveries in the field of gravitational waves confirm the theory of a scientist, proving that large events in the Universe leave a kind of mesentery of the space-time continuum.

Moreover, the American satellite Gravity Probe B conducted a study of gravitational anomalies, determining that the Earth provokes the curvature of space, imposing a few realities, the parallel worlds of each other. Near our planet there must be a portal that leads to another world, but its dimensions are so small that to use them mankind does not work.

The Stopru