Astrophysics of Moscow state University for the first time observed the compression of a white dwarf

An international team of astrophysicists, representing Moscow state University, the first in the world able to observe the actual compression of a white dwarf, which was only a theoretical assumption.


Italian and Russian scientists from Moscow state University Sternberg, was researching the double star system HD 49798, which until this discovery, scientists could not determine the nature of half of double stars. Previously, researchers not having enough evidence, believed that one of the halves of a double star is either a white dwarf or neutron star. Due to the fact that half the stars literally lit up due to the fact that he took away a part of energy from its neighbour, the scientists were able to notice a qualitative change in its diameter. Previously it was believed that white dwarfs are compressed in the process of resetting the top layer of the substances left over from dead stars, however, nobody observed the process firsthand.

In their study, the researchers compared the computer model in order to decrease the white dwarf to contract and increasing the speed of its rotation, and compared with the data obtained from the observation of a double star, half of which is indeed shrinking a white dwarf.