Astrophysics: solar flares, Venus could collide with Earth


Astrophysicists argue that the most powerful flares, which occurred recently in the Sun, is able to unbalance the orbit of many planets in the Solar system. Through such processes, Venus may eventually collide with Earth.

The distance to Venus is about 38-260 million km, but during the next 10 years the distance between cosmic bodies may significantly decrease. The change in gravitational field would provoke chaos on Earth, when many millions of people die from different disasters. Excessive activity of the Sun periodically brings the technique down, but now the period of closest approach of the planet and star is 1 in every 584 days.

Solar flares can shorten the period of convergence up to 300 days. As for Venus, the planet will be much faster to rotate around a hot star. On the Earth in one hemisphere formed a permanent night that will lead to mass migration in the “day” hemisphere. Global cataclysms will rock the planet.

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