At school in the Kursk region girls fell loose wardrobe

In one of the IR schools Zheleznogorsk, Kursk oblast, two little girls fell heavy wardrobe. They sat at the last Desk. As a result they got some injuries, but, according to the doctors, not too serious. In the coming days they will be able to return to training.


The headmaster says that the school has only recently received new furniture. Collectors have collected three of the wardrobe and put them in one of the rooms, where there was an emergency.
Why the furniture was fixed poorly by the way, is not explained. The Director claims that he had planned to engage parents.

The class teacher personally addressed to the fathers of the children, asking them to move the cabinets, and then attach them to the wall.
It all happened after school when the children remained in detention.

Kids and not even noticed, hooked as one of the new cabinets, after which it collapsed with a roar at the children. First aid was provided by medical staff at the school, then called the ambulance.