At the entrance to Russia the Ukrainian was beaten, probably Russian border guards

При въезде в Россию украинца избили, вероятно - пограничники РФ

When crossing the state border with Russia beating of a citizen of Ukraine, probably, Russian border guards. About it reports a press-the centre of the gpsu.

Yesterday, the citizen of Ukraine went to train in Russia. According to men, during a border control at the Russian checkpoint “Tolbino” he gave the guards the documents, but the border guards refused to let him across the border. As a result of his taken out of the car and two guards and one man in civilian clothes.

“During the landing, the law enforcement authorities of the Russian Federation wrongly applied to the man of physical force, after which he got injuries. Also to hide the actual beating men, Russian border guards have removed all videos from his mobile phone on which he recorded their illegal actions. Now Ukrainian border guards have called an ambulance, where the doctors provided basic medical aid to the injured”, – stated in the message of the SBS.

Employees of state tax service of UKRAINE sent to Netpolicy notice of entry of information in eRDR on signs of a criminal offence, under the article 125 “Deliberate slight injury”.

In addition, the state border service sent a letter to the border Department of the Russian Federation with the requirement to provide information regarding the circumstances of the detention and return of a citizen of Ukraine, and also to assess the actions of Russian border guards.

We will remind, recently in Sumy region on the territory of Ukraine illegally broke the car of the Russian Federation.

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