At the Memorial of Glory honored the memory of the liberators of Kharkov

На Мемориале Славы почтили память освободителей Харькова

On the day of liberation of Kharkov from the Nazis in the Second world war in the Memorial complex of Fame held ceremonies. This is the website of the Kharkiv city Council.

To the mass graves and the monument to the Motherland came veterans, members of the clergy of different churches, members, city leaders, military, law enforcement, representatives of political parties and public organizations, cadets of military University students.

“This immortal day of memory and gratitude. Kharkov was destroyed and suffered terrible sacrifices, each family. And he made an enormous contribution to the Victory. Therefore, the honor of the liberators we are, as they say, in the blood. I sincerely congratulate veterans, all citizens, with the holiday wish of peace and prosperity,” he said after laying flowers to the journalists the mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes.

In the chapel in honor of the icon of the Mother of God “perishing”, built in 2016 near a mass burial, Kharkiv took part in a memorial service for the victims of the war. A prayer service was held by the priests of the Christian denominations.

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