Of ATO and region Crimea left more than 250 thousand immigrants

immigrants from areas ATO
immigrants from areas ATO

According to the latest data today from the Crimea and Donbas in other regions of Ukraine temporarily moved 251 thousand. 345 people, including 80 thousand. 649 children, 34 thousand. 145 disabled and elderly.
Reported Interagency Coordination Staff on social security of citizens who move from areas of counter-terrorism operations and temporarily occupied territory. UNIAN.
The total number of citizens of Ukraine who moved from the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol to other regions is 17 thousand. 302 people, including 4 th. 828 children 1 thousand. 247 disabled and elderly.
Since the area of ATO to other regions resettled 234 thousand. 43 people, including 75 thousand. 821 child 32 th. 898 disabled and elderly people (including displaced within the Donetsk region – 75 thousand. 597 people).
Given displaced within the Luhansk region (according to the chairman of the Luhansk Regional State Administration – 19 thousand. 815 people) the total number of internally displaced persons is 271 thousand. 160 people.
Reportedly, the most difficult situation for placing citizens of their life support consists in the Donetsk region (placed 75 th. 660 persons), Kiev (28 th. 509 persons), Zaporizhia (24 thousand. 16 people), Dnipropetrovsk (21 thousand. 796 persons ), Luhansk (19 thousand. 815 persons), Kharkiv (17 thousand. 888 persons), Odessa (13 thousand. 772 persons) areas.
The smallest number dispersed in Volyn (1 thousand. 150), Ternopil (1 thousand. 224), Rivne (1 thousand. 270 people), Chernivtsi (1 thousand. 501 persons) and Transcarpathia (1 thousand. 523 persons) areas.

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