Attempted murder in Montreal: the victim will be better

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MONTREAL — The man of 32 years having been close to death after being hit by several bullets, in Montreal, in the small hours of the morning back quietly the slope.

Initially, his condition was termed “critical” by the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM). Now, it is rather considered as stable.

The thirty-year-old has been affected as much at the top than at the bottom of the body.

According to the SPVM, it would have been targeted by a man who had opened fire from a vehicle. To 14: 30, no description of the shooter had not been released by the police.

In this case, the victim is well known to the forces of law and order.

It has been found in the vicinity of the intersection of the avenues Decelles and Linton.

An appeal had been lodged before the 911 emergency service by a person claiming to have heard gun shots in this area. This phone call was about 5 in the morning.

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