Audi 4 times will increase the number of its electric cars


Audi has no plans to abandon is taken when the rate of global electrification lineup.

German specialists are going to further intensify their efforts in this direction, announcing a number of plans for the future decade. Earlier it was reported that the car company Audi by 2020 will make the serial at least three full auto. Peter Mertens, who is head of Audi development and research, said that by the middle of the next decade the number will increase to 12 copies. And that’s not counting another twenty-electrified versions. Apparently, it is against mismatched hybrids.

Audi expects to make a modern electric cars global models to produce them, and also to sell worldwide. Rupert Stadler, head of Audi, said that electric cars in the future will be able to produce all the plants of the company, including company located in Mexico. Currently officially confirmed the intention of Audi at its plant in Belgium to produce electric cars. It will begin to release the E-Tron Quattro and E-Tron Sportback.

To date, there is yet no specific data in relation to new developments. According to the assumptions of the planned electric vehicles will primarily Orient on the market of the people’s Republic of China. There are rumors that there is a fully electric sedan, compact hatch, the electric version of the crossover Audi Q3.

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