[AUDIO] Gaétan Barrette would no longer be minister of Health

[AUDIO] Gaétan Barrette accepterait de ne plus être ministre de la Santé

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The minister Gaétan Barrette would leave the ministry of Health, if such was the decision of the prime minister.

This is what he has confirmed to the moderator Catherine Gaudreault, interview 106,9 Mauricie Monday morning.

Gaétan Barrette says you have no warranty that he would remain minister of Health if his party was once more brought it to power.

And although he says will be launched in policy “for the health”, he claims that he would be willing to lead another ministry.

“Here, I give you the background of my thoughts… I think that having a knowledge… you know, it does not only, merely, necessarily a doctor as minister of Health, but it takes someone who is bilingual in health for example, then at a certain point, without going into detail, knowledge of the environment ensured that some of the decisions that are made that are perhaps not good decisions, I see them coming. Pis there, you can decline it in different ways then you understand what I mean?”-he said.

Then, the minister Barrette has even argued that being a backbencher would not be a problem for him. “I’m going to be even more clear, it would send me in another mandate on the benches there, I wouldn’t mind!”

Gaétan Barrette says he came to politics “for the cause”, since he would gain much better his life practicing his profession of radiology. “It is the best demonstration!” he said.

“Look, I came into politics for that. There are other sectors that are interesting for me in the government, but I do not have this pride. And if I had this pride, it would make for a long time that I would be party due to the amount of nice comments I get… (laugh)”, he concluded.