Autoeurosale calls on Ukrainians to a national rally take a picture of the exhausted bridge

АвтоЕвроСила призывает украинцев к общенациональной акции Сфотографируй уставший мост

Public organization “Autoerosale” urges Ukrainians to join the national campaign “take a picture of a tired bridge.” This was reported by representatives of the organization.

“Take a picture “tired bridge” in the city (while he was still standing) and put here its pictures show its location or add the label to its location! Then we can get the parks early to come back home and do truly important work, and not how it “works” usually “winning” selfsame on the background of a measly 100 metres of a new road or a ruthless fight against smuggling with the help of the formidable and implacable of posts on “Facebook”, – the statement says “Autoerosale”.

“Traditional Ukrainian officials is not the creation of the Commission for the early detection of emergency facilities and their overhaul, and the establishment of a Commission to investigate the causes of the disaster that has already happened,” – added in the organization.

We will remind, the former first Deputy Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Know in the TV channel “112 Ukraine” I declared that Ukraine is in emergency condition are about 9 thousand bridges, at any moment something might collapse. However, until the real collapse of the bridge victims, to pay attention to the condition of bridges will not.

As reported, on Tuesday, August 14, Genoa fell to the famous bridge “Polcevera Viaduct”, the length of which is 1,100 m. According to recent reports, the collapse killed 38 people, including three children.

We will note, today the correspondent of TV channel “112 Ukraine” inspected the condition of bridges in Kiev.

Earlier media reported that Cabin more than two weeks did not meet for lack of quorum. The Cabinet was going to hold a meeting on 15 August, but this week it did not take place.

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