Autostealings expect to equate to theft

Last year in Russia, criminals have made about 20,000 car thefts, and the same number of autostealings. Some villains, who had not managed to sell the stolen get a lighter sentence, but the members of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg decided to eliminate such a disadvantage.

According to deputies, it became necessary to strengthen the punishment for a citizen who committed the crime. It is noted that the changes will help to reduce the number of unsolved cases on autostealings. During the year police found only a third of frequent theft auto. Legislators report that presented the project should be considered and can be practically implemented.

It is reported that the document sent to the Duma and was the first reading. The bill received the assent of the representatives of the interior Ministry and the UK, as these agencies are familiar with this problem. Currently, a similar project, where the focus is on strengthening legal responsibility.