Avatars in Facebook will take the huskies with a smile

Employees of Facebook announced the service for the “revival” of the avatars. The creation of the program developers of the world’s largest social network has spent a lot of time and effort, but now photos users can wink and even smile in response to surrounding likes.


The main user will not meekly accept the attacks of the haters. In response to unflattering comments or dislikes avatar will frown and may even shed a tear. The developers promise that the effect will be the same as “living” portraits of the film cycle about the young magician Harry Potter.

In order to use new options for your account, the user must provide the program with just one photo, which she will impose on the underlying video. Not necessarily that the features of the face in the photo and video will be identical – instead the original animated avatar may be a different person with a different skin tone, hair, eyes. He may even be the opposite sex. After processing the avatar acquires a set of emotions that manifests as the onset of certain events in the Network. It is noted that the facial expressions are changed in accordance with a standard algorithm – alternating. Avatar is really responsive. For example, if a friend will lannet any post holder, the avatar will smile and even wink.

The developers plan to teach the program to respond to the correspondence, to grasp the meaning of written text and to change in accordance with this expression, select avatars corresponding emotion. If the idea proves successful, then during the dialogue the user will see not just the icon counterpart, but also be able to understand his reaction to written on how to change emotion avatars.