Avtodor: the speed Increase to 130 km/h reduces accident rates

The state company “Avtodor” has provided statistics on the number of fatal accidents since the start of high-speed movement. Information was shared by the Chairman of the Board of the company Sergey Kelbakh.


According to him, the number of such accidents decreased by a third compared to 2013. Kelbakh said that the case is not in the speed mode. Traffic is growing every year, but it all depends on the culture of driving, quality of roads, traffic enforcement.

Kelbakh put in the merit of “Avtodor” reducing the number of accidents in four years is 28%. While the company hopes in the next three years to reach the target of 50%. At this time there is the dynamics of the fall an accident, but December can still make their own adjustments.

If in 2013 on the roads “Ukravtodor” killed 765 people, the current calendar year recorded 472 deaths. According to statistics of the Ministry of transport, 78% of road accidents in Federal roads are caused by drivers while on the roads “highways”, this figure reaches 95%.