Bad weather spared Ternopil

1355237832-300x218Bad weather, which is raging in southern Ukraine, Ternopil spared. Local utility said to have been ready, but we still only winter poured a bit of snow and frozen roads, so they first sprinkle the central streets of Ternopil-ups and downs, and then take up the yards.

While the living conditions of the southern Ukrainian regions dictates powerful cyclone from the Balkans, Ternopil region in the coming days will affect cyclone of the Atlantic. Center it will slip past us also, fall into the periphery, which means that from the beginning of the new year he will bring to the area a little snow, sometimes wet and cold – to minus five to minus day and 15 at night. Subsequently potepliye bit, but the weather will continue until Christmas, forecasters predict.

Some snow and ice on the roads – not an anomaly, but public utilities work adds. Admit preparing for a blizzard, so coming from sprinkling materials and workers ready the night. First of all central cast-road descents and ascents. Here they help in heavy traffic and cars that quickly break off. Another thing – yards. These hands communal reach later. Drivers are not recognized by the camera, the city nerozchyschenyh slippery streets or missing, mostly in residential neighborhoods. One of these, the street Drahomanova find the “Friendship”. It cleared, but slippery. Move down it does not risk our driver. Is it slippery, ask and pedestrians. Displeased not meet.

Kommunalschiki say: work more efficiently help of Ternopil. During the day they call and tell people where you sprinkle the road or pavement. Call asked the hotline 52-58-48 City Council in 1580 or in the management of public utilities.

However, your safety – in your hands. Therefore, the inspectors asked drivers to comply with traffic rules and do not exceed the speed of pedestrians – not suddenly run across the road. On the rules of safe behavior and remind rescuers. Despite the fragile ice that had not yet become fully tie Ternopil, ice fishing is in full swing.

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