Band the Hardkiss has released a music video for the song Free Me

Группа The Hardkiss выпустила клип на песню Free Me

Band the Hardkiss presented the video for the song Free Me, which will be included in the new album “Salsa lastivka”.

The video was directed by Val Bebko, which did not focus on the history and the process of writing songs.

“Survivors of a shipwreck man grabbed the chip and turn to God. He claims exemption from all evil, from pain that might cause to others. He understands that the future will not, if you do not let go of his past. But we love happy ends, so the person is heard, forgiven, and sees in the distance the coveted shore,” said Julia Sanina.

Third Studio album, The Hardkiss “Salsa lastowka” will be released in September and on 19 October the group will present a new show in Kiev Palace of sports. After that, musicians will go on tour to support the album.

Earlier, the group The Hardkiss released a video for the song “Melody” from the upcoming LP.

As previously reported, the group “Antitila” in the new clip showed a nuclear explosion in the Carpathians.

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