Baseball: Cuba visit Coaticook

Cuba’s national junior team is passing through Quebec for a series of games against the junior elite baseball league. The best Cuban players of 18 and 19 will face the Rocket South Shore on Sunday.

The Rocket South Shore president-governor, Alain Routhier, is very feverish in view of this particular game. “They have two victories, and have no defeat,” says Routhier, speaking of the Cuban team. It is a very strong caliber. It seems that they are their best junior players, “he says.

The opportunity to play against such great talents will be beneficial for the young players and for the Coaticook community, who will have the chance to see the game for a dozen dollars. “It’s going to be fun for young people to play against a team that comes from outside the country. And for the small town of Coaticook, to be able to see Cuba that comes to play here, it is rather weak! “Comments Routhier, who expects to see at least 500 people at Stade Julien-Morin.

If the game has exceptionally nine rounds, the result of the first seven will be taken into account. The last two rounds will give all players the opportunity to face the Cubans.

The scenario of creating a star team of Quebec players and going to play in Cuba is not ruled out for years to come. ” Maybe one day! It could happen! “Said Mr. Routhier.


While waiting for the Cubans, the Rocket South Shore of Coaticook will have big games to come. The Coaticook have a poor record of 6 wins and 20 defeats (before Thursday night’s game, Ed), which ranks them in the last rank of the league.

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“Many of our games end up with a point, to our disadvantage,” says the president of the Rocket South Shore. We have a very young team, we aim for the next few years, “continues Mr. Routhier.

Alain Routhier, with about 20 regular-season games, does not put a cross on a potential playoff spot. ” We believe in. There is only one team that does not make the playoffs. There are a dozen games left, so we do not have much time to lose. The ball does not turn for us right now. We are confident that this will change, “he analyzed, looking optimistic.

The Rocket South Shore will play three games before meeting the Cuban national team. A match against Longueuil Thursday and a double program, against the powerful Diamonds of Quebec Saturday will be presented at Stade Julien-Morin.