Based on the novel by Stephen king Almost like a Buick to be filmed

По роману Стивена Кинга Почти как Бьюик будет снят фильм

Based on the novel by Stephen king “Almost like a Buick” (From a Buick 8), published in 2002, will be filmed.

According to Deadline, screenwriter and Director of the film will be the author of the horror film “the Doll,” William Brent bell.

In the story, in the town of Stalter, Pennsylvania, in the garage of the local police for many years kept a mysterious car Buick. Machine hides many secrets. When an accident with a drunk driver killed a local policeman Kurt Wilcox, his son Ned begins his investigation. Gradually, he comes to the conclusion that death is somehow related to the Buick, inside of which, according to the police, hides a portal to another dimension.

In 2006, the novel was trying to film Tobe Hooper, but the project was frozen. Now it will work as one of the producers.

The production of the film will deal with the production company Hyde Park Entertainment.

As previously reported, based on a story by Stephen king “the Boogeyman” will be filmed a new movie.

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