Baskov and Lopyreva pushed out of the way Richard Gere

Guard Hollywood actor Richard Gere took Nikolai Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva for ordinary onlookers and pushed them out of the way Richard Gere. Confusion happened in Moscow, in the Banquet hall “European”, where Hollywood actor has arrived as a special guest at the announcement of the Bravo musical award.


The presentation of the award will take place in may next year, and in the Banquet hall, gathered the nominees for this award. They were waited by a celebratory supper devoted to the finalists. The incident with the “natural blond” and his bride came at the moment when Nicholas as if nothing had happened chatted with reporters. Suddenly ran up to him, one of the security personnel Gere and literally threw it away, and Victoria to the side. The singer appeared in a state of deep shock, because usually he was treated a little differently.

To prove to the journalists of their importance, the Basques decided to get the attention Sophia Loren – Italian actress was invited for dinner. But there it was waiting for a very cool reception – the artist just didn’t admit to his foreign colleague. Then the tenor still decided for another storm – it literally slid through the ring of protection to the table of international stars and even in greeting shook hands with them.