Batherson and Canada defeated Switzerland 8-2

Photo: Nathan Denette, The canadian Press
Dillion Dube (left) and Taylor Raddysh (right) of the canadian junior hockey team

Buffalo, NY — Drake Batherson has threaded the needle twice to lead Canada to a victory of 8-2 in the face Switzerland in the quarter-finals of the world Championship of junior hockey, Tuesday.


Canada will cross the iron with the Czech Republic in the semi-final on Thursday. The Czechs have entered the next round by beating Finland 4-3, in a shootout earlier in the day.


The Canadians beat the Czech Republic 9-0 on 20 December, during a tough game in London, Ontario. But the Czechs had not used their training as usual and had just arrived in North America.


Brett Howden has scored a goal and two mentions of assistance for Canada, who finished top of the Group A, thanks to his three victories and his only loss in a shootout. Cale Makar, Jordan Kyrou, Conor Timmins, Dillon Dube and Maxime Comtois have also hit the target.


Canadian goalkeeper Carter Hart was pushed out of the twelve shots in the victory.


Dario Rohrbach and Axel Simic have replicated on the side of Switzerland, who finished in fourth place of Group B. Philip Wuthrich has blocked 21 of the 26 pucks directed towards him, but was forced to cede his place to Matteo Ritz at the beginning of the second commitment, who stopped 31 shots after that.


Victor Mete has been left out. The defender had also been left out during training on Monday, and head coach Dominique Ducharme said he was wounded at the defeat of Canada against the United States last Friday.


Canada has not lost time in the first period. Howden was the first player to make it move the ropes after only 48 seconds of play, on a downhill two-on-one with Comtois.


Makar has subsequently doubled the lead of his own eight minutes later with a powerful shot from the right circle to in-game. Batherson followed adding a third goal when he jumped on the back of launch of Boris Katchouk.


Batherson is returned to the load at 6 min 12 s in the second commitment in beating Wuthrich of a shot above the glove. A few moments later, Kyrou has widened the gap 5-0, chasing the same time the goalkeeper of switzerland.


Rohrbach has played a spoilsport at 8: 46 of the second period, scoring the first goal in the face of Hart in the meeting. Hart had not conceded a goal, except in a shootout against the United States, in 106 minutes, and 3 seconds.


Canada does not have a set time before you can replicate. Timmins has worn the mark to 6-1 while the two teams played four against four.


Simic added a second goal for the Swiss outnumbered, midway in the third period. Dube has also taken advantage of this numerical advantage to re-establish a gap of five goals scored.


Comtois sealed the victory by scoring an eighth goal for Canada at the last minute of the game.