Battalion “Chernigov” has patrons – Nicholas and students

1419016328_001St. Nicholas Day, the men of the battalion of special purpose “Chernigov” visited the students of Chernihiv school №13.
Reported sector public relations management Interiors Chernihiv region.
The students organized themselves and took the initiative to gather support for participants ATO.
Teachers and school management supported the patriotic aspirations of students and gathered together all the most necessary for law enforcement officers, and their hands made cards and woven charms.
Give children collected things just decided on St. Nicholas Day – the patron saint of soldiers and travelers.
The soldiers also came empty-handed – after patriotic folk program, during which students told police patriotic poems and expressed sincere wishes, defenders of the Motherland transferred to the school flag of Ukraine, where each soldier wrote his greetings and wishes of future generations.
Soldiers Battalion “Chernigov” were pretty moved by the warm reception nastilky students. “For those moments worth living and not afraid to fight – say spetspryznachentsi – meeting with the children add vitality, energy, courage, and courage.”
After the official part began live communication with children soldiers. Students were interested in everything from the conditions of life and daily routine of weapons and fighters to the most memorable scenes of everyday life fighting spetspryznachentsiv.
After a half-hour communication mode of dialogue and the police, and students received a lot of positive emotions, and went with the firm intention to continue to keep the relationship and to meet more than once in this format.

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