The battalion commander “Carpathians” was arrested for 2 months

Vitaly Komar
Vitaly Komar

Seaside Court of Odessa chose September 3rd Battalion Commander “Carpathian” Vitaly Komar as a preventive measure of detention for two months.
This write “Ukrainian News” with reference to the representative of the battalion.
Vitaly Komar may withdraw at will, if will make a pledge of $ 300 thousand. UAH.
September 3rd Kombat was arrested and taken to the military prosecutor’s office of the Southern region. According to the battalion, first just to “talk” with the investigator.
However, the “conversation” ended handing mosquitoes subject suspected of a crime, and then – Delivery in Seaside court to determine preventive measure. He faces up to 10 years in prison.
“I do not regret my decision and no one can prove to me that I’m wrong. What happens if I brought 200 corpses, it would be a hero, and when brought to normal living people – I deserter?” – Said arrival commander.
Commander Vitaly Komar gave 5-battalion territorial defense “Carpathian” from the area of ​​counter-terrorism operations. Garrison military prosecutor’s office of Zaporozhye region Southern investigates desertion soldiers battalion “Carpathians”.

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