Beating cancer, the British woman killed husband on a motorcycle

A resident of Wales named Vanessa came out of the anti-cancer winner. To celebrate such a big deal for her family event, she suggested to her husband to take a trip on motorcycles. However, during the trip, the man accidentally killed his wife.

When the couple went on a trip on a motorcycle, an accident happened. Vanessa lost control of his “iron horse” in that moment, when on the turn it was overtaken by the Vauxhall Corsa and the car clipped a passing truck. The woman decided to abruptly apply the brakes, with the result that literally flew out of his bike and fell on the road.

Vanessa’s husband Jim was riding behind her, a poet of the incident did not know, because it happened around the corner, which he had not yet reached. The man was driving at high speed, so not even noticed that his wheels had been his lover. Eventually Jim moved Vanessa, from which she received injuries incompatible with life, and died on the spot.

For the whole family such a tragedy was a huge blow. A man can’t accept that he killed his wife, who had just been cured of cancer. However, the court and the police decided that the murder was an accident. As for the other parties to the accident, 84-year-old driver of one of cars deprived of the rights for two years, and decided to send him to prison for a year.