Became known release date of sequels quiet places and the Best shooter

Стали известны даты выхода сиквелов Тихого места и Лучшего стрелка

Paramount changed the release date of the movie “top gun-2”. As reported by THR, the sequel will be released a year later – on 26 June 2020, not 11 July 2019, as previously reported.

The main roles in the film will return Tom cruise and Val Kilmer, who will play Maverick and Iceman, respectively, and will be directed by Joseph Kosinski. In the sequel, will play Jon Hamm, miles teller, ed Harrisy, Jennifer Connelly.

Note that the “top gun” became a hit American pop culture in theaters he managed to earn 357 million dollars. with a budget of $ 14 million.

Paramount also announced a release date for another sequel horror John Krasinski of “the Quiet place”. Premiere of the sequel will be released may 15, 2020.

In the Director’s chair, most likely, will return John Krasinski. Work on a new “Quiet place” I want to start already this year.

Also small changes in the car received the sixth part of “Terminator” and the movie “sonic the Hedgehog”. New “Terminator” will appear in the box 15, and not November 22, 2019. And “sonic” will be 8 and not 15 November of the same year.

As previously reported, Dwayne Johnson will play the king of Hawaii in the new Robert Zemeckis movie.

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