Became known, when will start filming a new “Terminator”

Стало известно, когда начнутся съемки нового «Терминатора»

Schwarzenegger revealed details of the continuation of the franchise.

“We start shooting “Terminator-6″ in June, which will be completed in mid-October. I look forward to returning to his role model T-800,” said the actor.

The Director of the new film will be the author of “Deadpool” Tim Miller, and control work will be the famous James Cameron. His role will return of Linda Hamilton, which, like the first two parts, will play Sarah Connor.

It is known that the main events of the film unfold in Mexico, and one of the main characters will be 18-year-old girl Danny Ramos. No other plot details were not disclosed.

Future work will be a continuation of “Terminator 2: judgment day” and ignore the events of the previous three installments of the franchise.
The premiere is scheduled for July 2019.