Bellemare not candidate to the CA of the Bar

Contrary to what he suggested last Thursday, lawyer Marc Bellemare will not seek the position of administrator of the Barreau du Quebec. He blames the new electoral rules at the Bar, which he describes as “despicable and undemocratic practices”.
“It is worthy of the worst dictatorial regimes,” says Me Bellemare, about the binding publicity rules that were put in place last February. According to these new procedures, “no publicity is permitted except that offered by the Bar”, notably on its website, in The Brief and in The Journal du Barreau. “You can not even make a letter to readers, have a website, or send a promotion email,” he laments.
“These rules are illegal, ignoble and aim only to muzzle new candidates and favor the administrators who cling to power. Prohibiting advertising means preventing candidates from expressing themselves and joining the 26,500 members of the Bar, “said Marc Bellemare on Monday. In a statement he said he was “reassured” by the candidacy of Marie-France Lahaie as a director, which would force an election in Quebec City on May 2.
The lawyer established in Quebec City also said not want to “shade his partner”, Lu Chan Khuong, who is already a candidate for the position of bar. “We did not want to give the impression that we wanted to control everything, even though that is exactly what the organization is accused of.”

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