Bentley doesn’t want to rush to introduce drone technology

Representatives of the British premium brand Bentley is not planning to equip its luxury model systems semi-Autonomous control. In addition, Bentley plans to become a leader in the field of electrification among the world’s luxury brands.


CEO of Rolls-Royce Torsten Muller-Ötvös few days ago said that the brand has no plans to offer customers an unmanned functions until, until they become perfect, and it looks like the competitors from Bentley are planning to go on the same way.

Mark Del Rosso, head of the American office, Bentley, during a conversation with journalists automotive publications the Drive told about prospects of development of unmanned technology in the segment of luxury cars. Mr. Del Rosso said that today the potential buyers of luxury models is not essential, the presence of the autopilot.

“While I haven’t heard from the client, Bentley characterized the drone features as a mandatory item in the list of equipment models. Such options must be installed at the client’s request, not mandatory,” – said a top Manager.

Along with this, it is worth noting that modern models such as the Bentley Continental GT is equipped with automatic Parking, cruise control, and monitoring, lane traffic.