Biletsky told why the combatants in the Donbass commit crimes

Билецкий рассказал, почему участники боевых действий на Донбассе совершают преступления

Independent MP Andrew Biletsky told why the combatants in the Donbass commit crimes – according to him, these people left with nothing, no opportunities exist. About this Biletsky said on a talk show “Pulse” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“These people are not given the opportunity to work 40 thousand people could make, that 10% of all veterans of the ATO. Not all the same it is necessary to arrange, hundreds of thousands of working where he worked and went back to work. There is no Ministry. As for the benefits to “volunteers” – it’s only a mockery, and land allocation, subsidized transport. These people left without anything with complex internal state, without the possibility for existence. Part of them now decides to emigrate to Poland, Germany to strawberries or washing at restaurants the dishes. Some people becomes easy pasture to crime, primarily for government, business, politicians who are dirty to solve their case. Why are they easy food? Because they are accustomed to arms, because these people used to live team. They are left, do not believe in the country, the power, and the power of their uses… My deep conviction that the first culprit is the fact that a huge number of these people get to crime is, unfortunately, the Ukrainian government, which did not, in fact, made,” – said Biletsky.

Biletsky has suggested that ex-military could be arranged, for example, the police.

“A very simple example, hundreds of thousands of people, who know what discipline is, you know, what is team, what is devotion to the Motherland, why don’t they become the basis of elementary patrol police? We recruited tens of thousands of people it is not clear from whom. These same people who, for example, in America it is easier to become police officers than anyone else, why these people have not received significant public, respected job for the country, and instead ponabirali sellers of socks, anyone? And here we got a huge number of unemployed veterans, and in parallel the police, which no one, unfortunately, does not respect,” – said Biletsky.

Note that five former members of the ATO (Vyacheslav Vishnevsky, Viktor Gorbunov, Vladimir Vasyanovych, Sergei and Nikita Turbine of Grabowka) suspect in the attack on the counselor of the mayor of Kherson Catherine Gandzyuk, which was doused with sulphuric acid in July of this year. Advisor to the mayor received chemical burns on over 30% of the body. She underwent several operations, but on November 4 he died.

The official cause of death of the adviser of the mayor of Kherson Catherine Gandzyuk was multiple organ failure, and chemical burns.

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