Bill gates named the five best books 2018

Билл Гейтс назвал пять лучших книг 2018 года

American entrepreneur and founder of Microsoft bill gates manages to read a book a week. In the eve of new year holidays traditionally calls the best books, read them for a year, and 2018 is no exception.

In his personal blog, bill gates named the five best books of the year who inspired him the most.

“This year, my book list is quite eclectic. From practical guide to meditation to deep dive into… Autonomous weapons,” said gates.

In particular, it recommends to read the book writer Tara Westover “Student” (Educated), in which she explains how the thirst for knowledge helped her to go against the family foundations of Mormonism-the survivalist and receive the degree of doctor of philosophy in the University of Cambridge.

The businessman also advises to read “Army of one” (Army Of None) Floor Sarre, which makes you wonder about artificial intelligence. The author provides clear explanation and shows the pros and cons of machine war.

Gates also included in the list of the book “Bad blood” (Bad Blood) John Carreyrou. This is the story of medical testing company Theranos, which specialized in a new method of blood analysis. Founder Elizabeth Holmes was charged with forgery, allowed to lure hundreds of millions of dollars from investors, doctors and patients. According to gates, the writer aptly describes the internal process of the rise and fall of the company.

In addition, the billionaire advises to read “21 lessons for the twenty-first century” (21 Lessons For The 21st Century) Yuval Noah Harari. According to him, the book offers a useful framework for understanding the news and discuss the challenges that we face.

The top five is the book “Meditation and mindfulness” (The Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness) Andy Puddicombe. The work tells about the life journey of a writer from student to Buddhist monk and goes into an explanation of how to meditate.

Earlier, bill gates has published a list of books for summer reading.

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