Bill gates talked about books in 2017

Businessman bill gates called the books he read this year. The list contains a variety of work.


One of the richest people in the world always reading new books, thinking this the most positive way to discover something new, despite your busy work schedule. The first thing he recommends to read the work thi Bui “the Best thing we could do.” The novel tells about the difficult life of immigrants from post-war Vietnam. Gates also advises to read the book of Matthew Desmond “Evicted: poverty and welfare in the American city” tells about the poor people of the United States.

The next item in the list entrepreneur is a biography of comedian Eddie Izzard “Believe me”. With his characteristic humour, the artist tells the story of his way “from rags to riches.” Another novel about the Vietnam author Viet Thanh Nguyen. “Sympathetic” tells about the plight of the double agent.
Completes the list of bill gates book “Energy and civilization” by Vaclav SMIL. In the piece, the writer explains how the need for energy determines the development of civilization.