Bill Morneau, laundered, in part, by the ethics commissioner

Photo: Sean Kilpatrick Archives The canadian Press
The federal minister of Finance, Bill Morneau

The minister of Finance, Bill Morneau, is not guilty of insider trading. The verdict of the commissioner outgoing of the conflict of interest and ethics, Mary Dawson comes to whiten Mr. Morneau accusations that had drawn the opposition party in its place, the result of the sale of shares of his family company, Morneau Sheppell.

“I am of the opinion that you do not take advantage of privileged information “, concludes the commissioner, outgoing Mary Dawson, in a letter made public on Monday — the last day of its mandate.

The missive, addressed to the minister Morneau concludes that, since the liberals had announced in their election platform, but in addition to the swearing in of the new government in early November 2015 they would increase the taxes of the richest from 1 January following the entry into force of this tax change was publicly known. By selling a portion of its shares in the family company, Morneau Sheppell November 30, 2015, the minister Morneau did not take advantage of privileged information, statute commissioner Mary Dawson.

Conservatives and new democrats had asked the office of the commissioner to do an investigation. Mary Dawson has ruled, in its letter dated 5 January, that it considered the file closed.

The office of the minister Morneau said he is “satisfied with the outcome” of the investigation, on Monday afternoon, noting that ” the minister will continue to work with the office of the ethics Commissioner to ensure that it is in full compliance with the rules “.

The opposition has also called for the holding of an inquiry into the tabling of bill C-27 by the minister Morneau. The rivals of Mr. Morneau felt that the draft law on the pension plans would allow Morneau Shepell to enrich themselves. The company — with which the minister has cut all ties by selling the rest of its actions last fall — has countered that pension funds constitute less than 1 % of its turnover. It will be the new commissioner of conflict of interest and ethics, Mario Dion, to continue the review undertaken by the commissioner Dawson in mid-November.


Other details will follow.