These billionaires willing to offer immortality

le-triomphe-de-la-mort-tableauThey have faith in the progress of medicine and the all-powerful technology. The most affluent spend freely to approach absolute luxury immortality.

Eternal life. To ensure that Death does not prevail, Sisyphus was able to bind him. Thanatos preventing continue its fatal destiny, the king of Corinth realized late consequences of his actions. The aging population, assailed from all evils, issuing eagerly awaited. The moral of this myth does not currently prevent some billionaires want to repeat the feat of the ancient figure to tame Thanatos through science … and their billions.
Co-founder of the search engine Google to Canadian entrepreneur Robert Miller , through the Russian Dmitry Itskov, all seeking to extend the duration of their existence until finger eternity. Absolute and ultimate luxury.
“Materialism has taken over spirituality”
“The definition of immortality has evolved in history to achieve a reversal of values, says Bertrand Vergely , philosopher and theologian. Among the Greeks, every man by his prowess and his morality, could stand out and leave a trail forever. At present, only a minority of wealthy can expect to live forever keeping their body as long as possible. Materialism has taken over spirituality. ”
If the great figures of mythology were placed in the heavens forever as detailed by Eratosthenes constellations, the wealthy prefer to stay feet anchored on Earth.
In September 2013, Google unveiled its latest project, Calico (California Life Company), supported by Larry Page, the 24th richest person on the planet. Comment from the CEO and co-founder of the group with Sergey Brin: “These issues affect us all, decrease our mobility and our mental agility that occur with age, the deadly diseases that take a heavy toll on families and themselves. if it is clearly a bet on the long term, we believe we can make great progress in reasonable time. ”
Led by Arthur Levinson – former leader of Genentech, one of the largest biotech companies – Calico remains discreet on funding available to it, and fuzzy on how it intends to begin his race against death. CEO merely explains that the company is closer to a research institute to understand the mechanisms of aging as a traditional pharmaceutical.
Immortality soon be available to all?
“Contrary to what one might think, immortality will be accessible to everyone, even if, at first, only a few wealthy can afford it,” said Lawrence Alexander , co-founder of the site Doctissimo. Also DNAVision leader, a company that specializes in DNA sequencing, Lawrence Alexander is now the capital of the biotechnology company Cellectis.
A subsidiary of the Company proposes to maintain today a piece of itself, more precisely skin cells usually levied under the armpits. Transformed into quasi-embryonic stem cells are frozen and stored until it is possible to grow at leisure to realize, maybe one day, new organs to replace those which would prove faulty.
To benefit from this service regeneration, it is still necessary to pay US $ 65000 (47600 euros) for “storage” of ten years and 85,000 dollars (62,200 euros) for life. “We do not promise immortality but a kind of insurance, without guaranteeing anything,” says cautiously, a spokesman for the group. Moreover, storing one’s own genetic heritage is prohibited in France. Cellectis has established its subsidiary, Scéil (“story” in Gaelic), Dubai and Singapore.
This bet on the progress of science and medicine is also the Canadian billionaire Robert Miller, creator of one of the largest distribution networks for electronic goods. Man finance the Alcor Foundation, launched in 1972. This organization offers its members to keep their bodies or just their brain, cryonics for a minimum amount of $ 200,000 (146,000 euros) while waiting to enjoy the fruits of the research. Already hosting some 118 “patients” in boxes at low temperature, Alcor has, to date, nearly 1,000 members, including several celebrities – a producer, sports and, of course, researchers.
One of the references in nanotechnology, Eric Drexler , or computer scientist and futurist Ray Kurzweil in it. Kurzweil is one of the figures of the transhumanist movement to improve physical and intellectual abilities of man.
No wonder, therefore, that it is also involved in another project is setting the goal of access to immortality. Funded by the young billionaire Dmitry Itskov, “2045 Initiative” is a four-step program that will result, by 2045, the creation of an artificial brain in which it will be possible to transfer the consciousness of an individual, a kind of avatar.
“The first person to live a thousand years is already born”
So much effort and resources deployed suggest that success is near. “I’m sure the first person to live a thousand years has already been born,” said Lawrence Alexander. The entrepreneur takes the words of the English computer scientist and researcher in biotechnology Aubrey de Grey, co-founder of the Methuselah Foundation.
For him, no less than seven causes of aging must be combated. To do this, Peter Thiel , one of the stars of Silicon Valley investor in Facebook, has not hesitated to give 3.5 million. This amount is used to provide the “price of the Mouse” Methuselah to combat or reverse the aging process of cells. A few million dollars to buy a little hope.
Although immortality is not for now, the promises are for sale! However, dissenting voices are heard. “Death is used to give way to others by transmitting their knowledge. These billionaires want immortality, without transmitting anything, by not seeking to perpetuate their ego laments the philosopher Bertrand Vergely. God is dead and sold way to a boundless belief in new technology.

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