Billy Crawford : Happy to find his future wife…

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Billy Crawford found his fiancée Coleen Garcia, on October 11, 2017

The singer has shared a moment of happiness with his fans.

Billy Crawford is a great emotional or romantic ? On Instagram, the singer cult of the 2000s has shared a photo of his fiancé and him to rejoice in his return… a brief stay in New York.

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“I am so happy that my love, my fiancée, is back in my arms ! I had already started to become jealous of New York. Sacred-American ! I love you so so much and you I have missed you. Receiving direct to the airport hahaha”, he commented in the caption of a photo of him and his sweetheart. Billy Crawford is engaged to actress Coleen Garcia, 24 years of age. The couple, together for four years, actively preparing for her wedding which should take place next summer.

Billy Crawford (35 years old) continued in the Philippines, his native country, his career as a singer, actor and even tv presenter.

A publication sharing by Coleen Garcia (@coleen) on 7 Oct. 2017 6h04 PDT

“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.”

A publication sharing by Coleen Garcia (@coleen) on 4 Oct. 2017 5h53 PDT

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