BMW recall in Europe, more than 300 thousand cars with a diesel engine

BMW отзывает в Европе более 300 тыс. автомобилей с дизельным двигателем

German automaker BMW recalls in Europe 323 thousand 700 cars with a diesel engine to study the possible defect of the module exhaust gas recirculation and further replacement. It is reported by the German newspaper Frankurter Zeitung Allemeine.

In Germany the company will withdraw more than 96 thousand cars with a diesel engine.

According to the publication, the press service of the BMW did not specify how much it will cost the company an opinion of such number of cars.

“In South Korea the BMW because of the same problems already recalled more than 100,000 cars. Malfunction of the module the EGR can cause a fire”, – stated in the message.

Publisher notes because of a defect in South Korea just this year burned more than 30 vehicles, mostly light cars sedan 520d. After these cases, the group voluntarily withdrew the country 106 thousand cars with a diesel engine. In South Korea against the group under investigation, and the first victims have already submitted applications for compensation.

The concern is not reported whether similar fires in Europe.

We will remind that in September of 2015, started the diesel scandal with another German car manufacturer – Volkswagen. American authorities have accused Volkswagen to install on your diesel car special software, which lowers the emissions of harmful substances. The concern was threatened with a fine of up to $ 18 billion. and criminal cases against the leadership. Then the leadership of the group denied the allegations of the regulator in the United States. Because of the scandal, the company’s shares fell, the resignation of the head of the concern, and Volkswagen began a recall of cars worldwide. In the EU for diesel scandal with Volkswagen has introduced new rules that have tightened the tests for diesel vehicles.

The Prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig (Germany – ed.) found out that the group produced 10.7 million vehicles that have lower emissions into the atmosphere. In June of this year, a German court has fined Volkswagen 1 billion within the diesel scandal. The group agreed to pay the amount and the appeal filed.

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