BMW will go to partially electric cars by 2025

Bavarian builders shared their plans for the transition of the company BMW for electric cars and hybrid cars. According to the developers, by the year 2025, the model range of the manufacturer will be 25% consist of “green” cars.



For the development in the production of electric cars the Bavarians are working to improve the architecture CLAR, which now serves as a platform for models of the BMW 7 Series and 5 Series. By 2025, this chassis will be built 25 models, of which 12 will be full carts.

In 2021, BMW intends to bring to market its first flagship electric car. The car will be sold under the brand iNEXT. Vehicle will get the most advanced equipment, including unmanned technology. By this time the Bavarians prepare the UKL1 architecture, which we are now building compact models of the BMW for the new electric cars. Wherein the chassis renamed the FAAR.

Representatives of the company BMW said that all of the electrical framework will be somewhat higher than current models. The developers explain this by the fact that the cars will be battery gives the energy of the power plant. The machine-builders intend to compensate for this feature of the big wheels.




Now the Bavarians are releasing electric cars fourth generation. For the future of the fifth generation will develop reduced power plant whose capacity will range from 136 to 340 horsepower.