Bobby Ryan and Erik Karlsson believed to have been exchanged

Bobby Ryan et Erik Karlsson croyaient avoir été échangés

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The attacker Ottawa Senators Bobby Ryan was certain that he would continue the season with a team from the Association of the West in the company of Erik Karlsson.

Twenty-four hours before the trade deadline, Ryan was told to pack his bags and he believed that his stay of four years in the national capital was ended.

“I have heard that an agreement was in place, but the team withdrew at the last second,” Ryan said in the daily “Ottawa Sun”, in the beginning of the week.

“Karlsson and me, we said, ‘we prepared our bags’. It was believed that it was gone. It is like that of the times and you say to yourself, “do I have to move again?”.”

According to various sources, the Golden Knights Vegas were in the game to get Karlsson, provided that they absorb the contract-boggling Ryan, who has four years at 7.25 million$ annually. In the end, they were unable to structure a transaction before the time limit of 15 pm, on the 28th of February.

“We’ll see what happens this summer, has added Ryan. This is all we can do.”

According to “the Sun”, under the pen of Don Brennan, the Senators general manager Pierre Dorion will be Karlsson if Ryan is part of the exchange. The Swedish flow in 2018-2019 his last season as an agreement of seven years for $ 45.5 million $.