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Poster of the musical Bodyguard

Purepeople has attended the presentation of the musical comedy adapted from the cult film.

In the salons of the Hôtel Meurice, the producer Dinh Thien Ngo (Vantage Prod) and the casting director Rabah Aliouane have presented the show to be ambitious : an adaptation of music from the cult film to the soundtrack is the most sold of all time, the Bodyguard ! The show is based on the hit feature film, but enhances it to the greatest hits of Whitney Houston with a total of sixteen titles interpreted live !

But after the words comes the voice : that of the artist who played the leading female character Rachel Marron. In a dress which gives the look of a mermaid sparkling, she performed the legendary song by excellence, I Will Always Love You. Difficult to go behind the icon Whitney Houston, but the voice gives us chills, and we are ready to go. Next to him is the one who plays Frank Farmer, the bodyguard, played by Kevin Costner in the film. If he has not shown his vocal talent, he has shown humor in recounting his first meeting with his partner : “It was in a restaurant in the 17th arrondissement. A bit like an arranged marriage, but luckily, there is each very well fallen !”

Waiting for the start of rehearsals in the month of December, the two actors answered questions from Purepeople.

The musical Bodyguard

Valérie Daure is Rachel Brown

After having listened to sing, meeting with the woman behind the beautiful voice. Valérie Daure, canadian artist, revealed by the show The Voice in 2014, has already collaborated for the first parts of artists such as Akon and Janelle Monáe. Bubbly, enthusiastic and a hard worker, and his CV is well filled out : she has taken writing courses story, has participated in comedy festivals, has been the spokesperson of the month of Black History… the adventure of The musical Bodyguard is a new step that takes him to the French public, she is looking forward to discover. Occur in France, a dream of youth to it.

During the hearings, the complete artist that is Valérie Daure has shown its many different facets, such as its more “fierce feline” to the image of his character as a diva incarnate in the first place by Whitney Houston. To win the role, she had to face hundreds of candidates and… to the time shift, since it comes to of Montreal : “Impossible to sleep in the plane and with six hours of jetlag, it was difficult vocally, I was exhausted. It has been even more challenges, but my heart was there, the work and perseverance have paid off !”

The film, this is his life : “I can’t remember when I saw it for the first time, but I have seen it at least fifty times. I was singing Queen of the Night in the dance show. I sang I run to you. I stayed glued in front of the tv when it happened. Bodyguard has rocked my childhood, inspired me. It is this which has led me to sing.” The announcement of the death of the star on February 11, 2012 was marked forever : “What is even more sad, it was the end of her career when she was a diva exceptional. When she could no longer express himself through his voice, it was difficult to see to live it. She died so young… It was a new horrible, as Michael Jackson or Prince. I cried because we lost true artists.”

The singer and the comdien who will be Rachel Marron and Frank Farmer #Bodyguard the musical in February Paris and in the turns

— Jean-François Guyot (@JFGuyot) October 10, 2017

Benedict Marshal is Frank Farmer

A graduate in engineering, Benoît Maréchal changing lane through training in classical and contemporary dance, and singing. Comedian who has performed in Quartett with Isabelle Huppert, or even at the théâtre du Châtelet for The Passion according to St. John, he has worked for little for a theatre company, an american based in Paris, The Big Funk Company. Attached to the United States where he likes to watch the shows on Broadway, it is not a little proud to participate in the musical Bodyguard who can compete with the productions in new york city.

If he has not seen a thousand times in the movie – he was 12 years old when Bodyguard came out in the cinema –, the original soundtrack to the marked : “It is a CD that I wore out !” For his role, he had to take in the scale of the character : “His physicality is not obvious. I’m not a bodyguard in life. I looked at videos of the real guards of the body, not in movies, to find inspiration and be credible.”

The show in a few words

For Valérie Daure/Rachel Brown : “It is a musical comedy and explosive, the scenery and costumes are beautiful, the songs are breathtaking ! It is a show of emotion, at once a musical and a thriller with a soundtrack sublime. This is only happiness !”

For Benedict Marshal/Frank Farmer : “I dare to hope that those who loved the film will love even more the musical. Those who are not familiar with the film will find a show that is very strong. Visually, the level of energy, it is very intense. Valerie sings so well ! And then the chemistry that will happen between us will bring the emotion.”

In the meantime the show in 2018, we cannot resist the urge to review an excerpt from the film Bodyguard !

Excerpt from the film Bodyguard, with the title I Will Always Love You

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