Bombardier is taking on the approximation Boeing-Embraer

Photo: Wang Zhao Agence France-Presse
A airplane Boeing 737 of Air China is preparing to land at the Beijing capital international airport. Bombardier considers that the approximation discussed between Boeing and Embraer is a confession according to which the C Series does not compete unfairly with the family of 737 aircraft of the american giant.

Bombardier considers that the approximation discussed between Boeing and Embraer is a confession according to which the C Series does not compete unfairly with the family of 737 aircraft of the american giant, which has filed a complaint against the aircraft manufacturer in quebec.


“By eliminating the C Series, Boeing would pave the way so that [the range of aircraft single aisle] Jets [built by Embraer] is able to dominate the segment in which the 737 Boeing are not present “, argues the multinational québec in a document recently filed with the Commission on international trade of the United States (USITC).


It is observations to the result of the hearings held before the u.s. organization in December last year and which were attended by Boeing, Delta Air Lines, as well as representatives of the canadian government.


In its document of a hundred pages, Bombardier resumes some of the arguments already raised in the context of his defence, but lingers on, according to reports, Boeing and Embraer said they would consider a partnership in the civil aviation sector, since the subject has not been addressed before the USITC.


A response


An alliance between these two companies would be a response to the recent acquisition of a majority stake in the Airbus in the program of the C Series from Bombardier. The three versions of the E-Jets E2 Embraer aircraft, scheduled to enter service starting this year, would allow Boeing to compete directly with the C Series.


“Rather than investing to develop a new product, as has been done by Bombardier, Boeing is considering entering into a segment through which would be an acquisition worth several billion dollars “, claims the aircraft manufacturer in quebec.


Thus, in the opinion of Bombardier, these discussions surrounding a potential acquisition come to demonstrate that the C Series does not compete directly with the range of 737 aircraft of the american giant, which should encourage the USITC to reject the arguments of the complainant.


In its observations, the multinational québec reminds us more than once that Boeing had decided in 2005 to cease production of the 717, capable of carrying about 105 passengers, is the niche of the C Series.


The USITC shall determine to February 1, if the C Series has indeed caused harm to Boeing sales, and if the countervailing and anti-dumping final 292,21 % decreed by the u.s. department of Commerce last month will affect the devices that are exported south of the border.


In its complaint filed in April, the american company alleged that the governments of Québec, Canada and the United Kingdom had funded the development of the C Series, which has enabled Bombardier to sell its aircraft at prices judged to be inadequate.


It is in this way, according to Boeing, that quebec society has been able to land a firm order for 75 aircraft CS100 with Delta — the most important client for this range of aircraft — in 2016.


Bombardier has not yet exported a camera C Series in the United States. Delta was supposed to receive the first aircraft from its firm order for 75 CS100 in the spring. The carrier account, however, wait until the chain mounting of the C Series is completed at the Airbus facility in Alabama.


Shooting bulk


In their observations, Delta, and the Trudeau government are going to the shot grouped at the place of the arguments presented by the representatives of Boeing in front of the USITC in December.


Like Bombardier, these two actors were involved in the commercial litigation and urge Washington not to stand firmly behind the arguments of Boeing.


The air carrier established in Atlanta estimated that as a result of the hearings, the aircraft manufacturer, Boeing has not been able to answer many questions, including how she would have been able to escape a contract for an aircraft of 100 to 110 seats that it does not build.


“Boeing seems to want to justify missed opportunities in referring to the foreign competition in order to hide its inability to offer a product that would meet the demands of the market,” says Delta.


For its part, Ottawa is particular to the speculative nature of the claim of the american company, which asked the USITC to arbitrate in a dispute when the supply of C Series in the United States are not imminent.


For its part, Boeing defends itself by reiterating once more that the assembly line that wishes to place Bombardier in Alabama in the framework of its partnership with Airbus is only a trick in order to circumvent trading laws in the us.


This proves, says the american company, as the defense’s original Bombardier did not take the road.