Bombing of Marseilles: The proprietor of Ahmed Hanachi has been placed in police custody at Toulon

The attack occurred at Marseilles on the 1st of October last, had cost the lives of two young women in front of the gare Saint-Charles. (illustrative image) — FRED SCHEIBER

Two men of 24 and 29 years of age were placed on Tuesday in police custody in the investigation into the attack with a knife on the 1st of October at Saint-Charles train station in Marseilles, at which two young women were killed, a-t-on learned on Wednesday of justice source.

Arrested Tuesday at Toulon, they were placed in custody in the premises of the judicial police of Marseilles.

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“The 24-year old man is alleged to have hosted the killer, Ahmed Hanachi, during one of his trips to Toulon and the second detainee was arrested in the company of the first,” said a source close to the file, confirming information of LCI.

In recent days, the investigation focused on the family of Ahmed Hanachi, a Tunisian, a 29 year-old shot and killed by military operation Sentinel just after the attack. One of his brothers was arrested in Italy on Saturday in Ferrara, in the north of the country, following an international arrest warrant issued by the French authorities. He is accused of aiding and abetting and participation in a terrorist association.

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