Boombox and The Gitas presented an acoustic version of the song Trimi me

Бумбокс и The Gitas представили акустическую версию песни Тримай мене

The “Boombox” and The Gitas presented acoustic and the latest version of new song “Trimi me”. Lyricists are the groups front man Andriy Khlyvnyuk and Sasha Chemerov.

In total, there were three versions of the song – the original, the release of which was held on 21 June and later on it was released a video version of Sasha Chemerov recorded The Gitas in Los Angeles at Studio Red Gate Recorders and finally acoustic.

According to the frontman of the band the Gitas, the acoustics left “otherworldly”, though recorded this version in Kiev.

“The song is very deep and most importantly, it is the air that remains for the listener. Everyone will be able to pull themselves its meaning, despite the fact that Andrej is also each has channeled their meanings. There are between rows, and the rows and in the mood of the music, the flow, how we do it, how we sing, how we feel it,” told Sasha Chemerov.

Note that the band has long had the idea to write the song together, and then, finally, she managed to bring to life.

As previously reported, “Boombox” and O. Torvald submitted a video for the song “OCR in Rio”.

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