Bourse de Paris : a technical problem has delayed the calculation of the CAC 40

The calculation of the index had a delay of 40 minutes.



Caution on the stock markets, in a context of geopolitical uncertainty. The Paris Stock market moved without a clear trend on Monday morning (+ 0.02 percent) whereas it has been the victim of a technical problem that has delayed for approximately 40 minutes in the calculation of its index. The CAC 40 index progressed from 0.87 to point this Monday morning, at 10: 12 (8: 12 GMT), to 5315,89 points. Friday, he had finished a small increase of 0.11 %. The aperture value of the stock index paris has been known that around 9: 40 (7: 40 a.m. GMT) due to a ” technical incident “, but the exchange of the securities has not been affected by this problem.

The geopolitical context encourages investors to be cautious. “Donald Trump has the tendency to move from one conflict to another, which will not allow the confidence to return permanently on the markets, which are now waiting for the next tweets of the american president “, have noted in a footnote to the strategists of the broker Aurel BGC. Washington, Paris and London have made Saturday to the dawn of the strikes against the three sites are presented as related to the chemical weapons programme of the syrian, without casualties, in retaliation for a chemical attack alleged on the 7th of April at state Duma, which was the last rebel stronghold in Ghouta, near Damascus.

Air France almost to the balance

On the front of the values, Kering rose 0.66 % to 439,10€. Emmanuel Macron has deemed Sunday “obvious” that the French group of luxury, which would, according to the news site Mediapart, subtracted about 2.5 billion euros of taxes since 2002, a part of which the tax authority French, was the subject of a tax audit in France. The group has indicated will not be covered by any complaint of taxation. Sanofi rose from 0.53 % to 66,34€. According to the Financial Times, the private equity fund american Advent International would be in the lead to buy Zentiva, the generic division of the group in Europe, currently for sale.

Marie Brizard plunged 5 % to 8,36 euros, weighted by a recovery on Friday to its forecast operating loss for the year 2017, showing higher expenses than expected. Air France was close to balance (- 0,09 % 8,59 euros), while the intersyndicale of the company maintained Friday its next four calls in the strike. Recylex won 0,84% to 12 euros. The specialist in metal recycling, has announced on Friday that it returned to profit in 2017, taking advantage, among other things, an increase in metal prices and “very good” levels of production.