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In the suburbs where it disappears body and goods in the snow, the colonised strain gets up every morning, tormented by the same question : what reproach does today?

The world is changing so fast, “changes the be, foreign exchange the trust; the whole world is full of inconstancy, “wrote Camoès…

With covered words, and often words are discovered, it is said that the Canadian French pure juice is racist. Apparently, the era of the free speech authorizes impertinence and insult free; they should not be there.

It means also, on tv as in parliament, where the elected-stars and celebrities-elected parties and/or returned pass or go back to the revolving doors…

And it reads almost everywhere, as the small franco of America has built a society contaminated by the “systemic racism”, as a historical fact to be mysteriously ignored until now. Brathwaite, Laferrière, Kotto, they have served to mask the unimaginable.

That sounds like it, Jacky Robinson, the first black player in professional baseball, warmly welcomed in Montreal, after the war… in The United States, it was literally percécuté, unable to find housing. The Dodgers have sent in the Royal… The Montrealers were immediately adopted. Weird, isn’t it?

His wife, Rachel Robinson, recalled that one day, instead of him slamming the door in his face, a good mother of a family, francophone opened it, saying hello the most natural thing in the world. She offered him the tea! “It was almost divine”, said Ms. Robinson in the Globe and Mail, 2013…

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Today, disenchanted, on the edge of the churn, the commuter, unipolar depressive écarquille more eyes in front of his newspaper funded, a journal of the left may be too much for him…

He has eyebrow, one eye only, when he saw that he was not only a racist but that he had once committed the sin of colonialism, away, perhaps, but still!

The title was clear and aimed at the heart of the provincial: “racism and the colonization of our home”. And reminded him-is the Month of the Black…

It was a small velvet, the souchien of the snow bank. He had believed he was cuckolded, he is among the conquerors!

To him, the defeated, the tenant of a territory not assigned to him, the chicken boned by the tax man and generous as a poor man, him that it has always been said colonized, here it is on the side of the conquerors, colonizers and slave traders.

It had been conquered, beaten, frightened for eternity but this has not prevented the worst. Dominant, he was and he still is…

His great-grand-father and his grand-father had a whip at the end of their old calloused hands, bent back in the wind or the sun, but was it really to give pep to their horses… Who knows now that we can say anything?

In areas where the bus empty roll by two, it never ends, the permafrosté municipal, wonder what is going on with him. The time does not change as before, eh my Didace?

It sometimes happens to him to doubt, of course. To think that these rantings historical are the work of intellectuals in shorts and are not worth the tax credit that they have necessities. A small task of undermining policy, what else.

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These things continually repeated, these reminders to “ugly phenomena”, racism, colonization, discrimination, will eventually reach the more skeptical: “yes, toué thing!”

Of our days, and it is a real danger, all the small things are good to have to say, that the best of it, especially those that focus on the silent majority.

Radio Canada, the mecca of banter diversitaire, you risk nothing, not even a giggle, to pretend that one does not risk a crisis of conscience ethical eating oysters. Yes, oysters!

Because the oyster, under the tooth, it does not shout more than a Québécois wrongly accused.

A vegan ostéricultivée certified: “There was no really scientific reasons for (sic) consider that oysters perceive pain”.

Therefore, there is no reason to be “scientific” to do so… Neither oysters nor the souchien which we celebrate the faults in these times.