Boxing: the incredible victory of Mickey Rourke, back in the ring

rourkeHollywood actor Mickey Rourke , a former boxer and sex symbol of the 1980s, won a spectacular victory on Friday by returning to the ring in Moscow at age 62, after hanging up the boxing gloves for two decades. Look.

In red shorts decorated with a picture of the Russian flag, the actor did not spare his strength by sowing blows on his rival, Elliot Seymour, an American professional boxer, 33 years her junior. The match scheduled for five rounds of 2 and a half minutes each lasted about four minutes after which Elliot Seymour, 29, threw in the towel, face an attack Mickey Rourke rain. “I am very happy to back into the ring. Thank God for giving me this opportunity”, said to AFP the actor on the eve of the match.

“81.3 kg”

Wearing a white hat cowboy became his trademark, the sexagenarian boxer dazzling smile has received standing ovations when unveiled in small blue boxer, a muscular torso and dotted with a dozen tattoos, during the traditional weighing ceremony before the fight. “81.3 kg” announces the cheers voice through a megaphone, the same weight as that of his rival, aged 29.

Former sex symbol of the 1980s, during which he became the darling of the girls for his role in the film sulfur Nine and a half weeks, Mickey Rourke resumed his boxing career in 1991 until 1995, still face marked by the blows received during his early fights. For the first time in almost twenty years, one that boxing fans knew by the nickname El Marielito made his return to the ring in this battle in Moscow, broadcast live on Russian television.

Other battles in Russia

The choice of the Russian capital for the long-awaited return was not made at random. The actor, who travels regularly to Russia , and said it had “always wanted to make a fight.” In August, he had created a surprise by offering and putting on a T-shirt bearing the image of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “I met Putin (…) and it seems a great guy,” said the actor this week the Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Mickey Rourke, who appeared perfectly confident in his chances of victory Friday night, now hopes to “carry four fights, all in Russia.” “I think I’m strong enough, I can do it,” he said. “If you do not want to lose, everything depends on the efforts you doing” to win, he adds. Although the beginning of his training with his coach Jordan Feramisco after 18-year break, were “terrible,” the actor has not lost the desire he discovered after a match between the Russian boxer Ruslan Provodnikov and American Timothy Bradley.

“I saw Ruslan fight against Bradley and it made me think that I too could fight again,” recalls Mickey Rourke. The American is not his first comeback: in 2008, he put his acting career on hold, he was nominated as Best Actor Oscar for his role as a wrestler out of breath The Wrestler, beautiful setting in abyss of his own career and his doubts.

“When I was fighting, there was 18, I smoked, I did not run, I got there just because of my natural abilities … But this time, I’m a little older,” he concedes, surrounded by young Russian admirers patiently waiting to take a picture with the American sex symbol.

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