Boyko on the Alliance with the party Rabinowitz: All the political forces who want peace and stability, must unite

Бойко о союзе с партией Рабиновича: Все политические силы, которые хотят мира и стабильности, должны объединиться

All political forces who want peace and stability, needs to unite. This opinion was expressed by co-Chairman of the Opposition bloc Yuriy Boyko on air of “112 Ukraine”, commenting on the Association “the opposition bloc” and “For life”.

“I think all political forces that want peace, stability and development in Ukraine, must unite. I welcome the fact that we unite with the party “For life” and invite all other political associations and organisations, which are based on such principles – peace, stability, development, to unite, leaving aside all personal items that were, perhaps, in the past, for the development of the country. Our position is to do it faster. With this government, with this power, nothing good will for the country,” he said.

And also said that has not yet resolved the question of who will head the merged party.

“This issue will be considered when the start of the presidential campaign. But I want to emphasize that not only the two parties (the Union), and we invite everyone to unite in a single political front,” he added.

We will remind, the party leader “For life” Vadim Rabinovich called “the opposition bloc” to begin negotiations on the establishment of a political Union.

“I propose to turn the page and begin negotiations on the creation of a strong consolidated political Union, which is able to stop the fighting in the Donbass, to prevent economic disaster and to save the country… We need to subordinate their ambitions and personal interests to the interests of our constituents. Will not forgive us if we lose today is a chance for consolidation,” said Rabinovich.

In “the Oppositional block” answered the call of Rabinovich to the Association and assured that it is necessary for the return of peace and stability in Ukraine.

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